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                                                               Anton Balanchivadze   


                                                                         Born in July 27, 1978. Lives and works in Tbilisi.  









1993 - 1995  Art Studio of Karaman Kutateladze and Gia Gordeziani, Tbilisi

1995 - 2001  Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Painting  and Graphic Arts 





      2019    Exhibition of works from series "Gardens" and "Me.Desert", at Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

      2019    Exhibition at "Gallery Palace" Hotel, Tbilisi


      2019    Exhibition of works, from series - "Gardens", at Chateau Buera, Lopota Lake Resort, Kakheti


      2019    "Me.Desert" - Personal Exhibition at Vanda Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia


      2019     Installation of Light object - Neon Bird, at Lopota Lake Resort, Kakheti , Georgia


       2018     50 Canvases as special gifts for VIP Clients, Georgian Building Company "M2" project

       2018    "Gardens"  - Personal Exhibition at Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

       2018    Drawing with various light sources in dark space, Performance in collaboration with photographer Anton Sokolov, Stamba Hotel's "Amphitheatre", Tbilisi

       2018    Georgian contemporary art: "Friends of Latvia”, Exhibition of Georgian Artists at St. Peter's Cathedral and Riga Art Space Gallery, Riga, Latvia

      2017    "Painters for Peace". Project of Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Twelve Georgian Artists - twelve canvases for the 12 values of Georgian Armed

                  Forces. Exhibition & Auction Held at the Exhibition hall of National Archive of Georgia


      2017    80 Miniatures for Georgian IPM Research Company's Christmas Project 

      2016    Group Exhibition and Presentation of "Georgia Cradle Of Wine's" exclusive wines, with the artist's works labels, National Library, Tbilisi

      2016    Collaborational work at Open-air of 21 georgian Artists, Organised by "P.G.   Miniature", Lopota Resort, Georgia

      2016    Several Charity group Exhibitions and Auctions, Tbilisi 2018    

      2016    240 Miniatures, an order for "Evex" company, 2016 New Year Project 

      2016    Film "Mystery Of The Chest"- Finalist, Official Selection, GSF Awards, New York

      2016    Film "Mystery Of The Chest" - Official Selection, Los Angeles Cine Fest

      2016    Freezlight Performances and Theatrical Stagings,  with photographer Anton Sokolov,

             Tbilisi State Academy Students, Tbilisi Movement Theater Actors, Ozurgeti Dramatic Theater, Ozurgeti, Georgia

2016    Member of ICOM (International Council Of Museums) 

2016    Exhibition at "Ozurgeti Modern Art Gallery ", Ozurgeti, Georgia

2015    Group Exhibition of Georgian Artists, Folklore House, Tbilisi

2015    Exhibition  'Tbilisi", National Library


2015    International AF at Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015    Charity Auction at Courtyard Marriot, Tbilisi, Georgia  

2015    Order for Lopota Resort, 5 Huge works,  Standing Exhibition, Lopota, Kakheti, Georgia

2015    Freezlight Performance, Collaboration with Photographer Anton Sokolov and Art Academy Students,  Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts 

2015    Premiere of Short Film "Mystery Of The Chest", Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts 

        2015     Painting Lecturer at Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts

        2015     Personal Exhibition "The Path By The River", at Baia Gallery, Tbilisi              

        2014     Short Film "Mystery of the Chest", Director- Screen Writer-  Production Designer. Big Part Of Scenes Are Filmed In Tbilisi  State Academy Of Art's "Persian Rooms"      

        2014     Exhibition "Balanchivadzes", Georgian National Museum's S. Janashia Museum of  Georgia  

        2014     Personal Exhibition at "TBC gallery", Tbilisi

        2013     "Art Syndrome"- Exhibition/Presentation, Collaborative works, Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts/ "Holiday Inn"

        2013     Charity Exhibition and Auction of Georgian Painters, TBC gallery

        2013     Exhibition “Days of Georgian Culture in France”, Gallery at Basilique du Sacre- Coeur de Montmartre, Paris

        2013     Personal Exhibition, Baia Gallery, Tbilisi

        2013     The Standing Freezlight” Exhibition at Café “Canape Ortachala", Old Tbilisi

        2013     Group Exhibition of Georgian Painters, Chardin Art Gallery, Marriot Tbilisi   

        2012     Group Exhibition at Chardi Art Gallery  

         2012      Illustrations for "Georgian Fairy Tales", Addition “Palitra L”

        2012     Exhibition at “Parallax Art Fair 2012”, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London

        2011     Group Exhibition “Black And White”, Tbilisi History Museum

         2011   “Freezlight” Photo Exhibition In Café “Canape Abashidze”, Tbilisi

         2011     Exhibition – Auction, Held by National Centre Of Manuscripts, to save Georgian manuscript of 12 century,  Radisson Blue Iveria Event Hall

        2011     Exhibition “Contemporary Georgian Miniature”,  Held by National Centre Of Manuscripts, at National Library, Tbilisi 

        2010     Made 180 Miniatures for "TBC Bank Christmas Project for VIP Clients"

         2010     The Group Exhibition at Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts, "Freezlight" 

        2010     “Freezlight Project”- Exhibition and Performance by Anton Balanchivadze  and Anton Sokolov.  Art Festival “Fest I Nova 2010“,  Art Villa Garikula

        2010       Exhibition “Carrousel Du Louvre 2010”, In association with “Camden  Art Gallery – London “, Louvre Museum, Paris, France

        2010       Group Exhibition in Tbilisi Marriott Exhibition Hall           

         2010      Group Exhibition “ Red” , “ Gallery 9” , Tbilisi , Georgia

                                                                                                                                                    2010     Group Exhibition “ Living Without Fairs”, Camden Art Gallery – London

                                                                                                                                                                 2010     Group Exhibition, Exposition with the original works of Pablo Picasso,  Salvador Dali, Mark  

                                                                                                                                                                  Chagall, et.c. JMA Gallery, Vienna , Austria

                                                                                                                                                    2009     Exhibition dedicated to the opening of Georgian Auction House’s new Art  Gallery in Tbilisi

                                                                                                                                                    2009     Group Exhibition at Georgian Auction House, Tbilisi

                                                                                                                                                    2009     Group Exhibition in "Cafe- Gallery N 15", Tbilisi

                                                                                                                                                    2009     Exhibition Dedicated to the opening of the Museum in Tsinandali, Georgia 

                                                                                                                                                    2009     Illustrations for Tedo Sakhokia's "Georgian National Proverbs", Siesta Addition

                                                                                                                                                    2008     "Christmas Exhibition", “N Gallery & Sandro Antadze " Tbilisi

                                                                                                                                                    2008     Group Exhibition of Georgian Artists "Georgischen Kulturwochen 2008" , Frankfurt, Germany

         2008     Personal Exhibition in Gallery "Christine Colas", Paris, France

         2007     Group Exhibition “New Generation“, Gallery “Chardin“, Tbilisi Marriot

         2006     Group Exhibition at Arci Gallery , Tbilisi

         2006     Group Exhibition “New Generation In Contemporary Georgian Art“ ,  Kopala Gallery , Tbilisi

         2006     Illustrations for R.Kipling’s “Fairy tales”, Archil Sulakauri Addition

         2006     Personal Exhibition at “Hobby Gallery”, Tbilisi, Georgia

2005-2006    Several “GAG” exhibitions, Tapir gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

          2005    Designer and one of the Founders of Gallery and Art Cafe "Tapir", Tbilisi    

          2005    Group Exhibition of Contemporary Georgian Artists , Kopala Gallery                     

          2005    Group Exhibition of Georgian Painters , held by Painters Union of Georgia, National Picture Gallery

          2005    Exhibition of GAG , Kopala Gallery , Tbilisi , Georgia

          2005    Artistic Director and one of the founders of Georgian Art Group (GAG)

          2004    Painted murals on the walls of  the Art Therapy Department  of the Psychiatric Clinic , Tbilisi , Georgia             

          2003    Personal exhibition in Tbilisi State Conservatory                   

          2003    Decoration for Ibsen’s drama “When We the Dead Awaken” performed by  the Georgian Chamber Music Theatre “Orpheus”

          2002    Personal exhibition at History Museum “Qarvasla”, Tbilisi, Georgia

          2001    Painted murals on the walls of German kindergarten, Tbilisi, Georgia

          1999    Made a decoration for Mozart’s “Magic Flute” performed by the Georgian Chamber Music Theatre  “Orpheus”

          1998    Founded the Shadow Theatre and gave several general performances at  the International Association of Cultural Initiatives

          1998   Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts Painting Arts Student's Group Exhibition in Old Town, Tbilisi  

1995- 2001    Annual student exhibitions, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts    

1990- 1997    Annual exhibitions at Elene Akhvlediani’s Gallery of Young Artists



                       Catalogs and Publications


                     "Anton Balanchivadze - "Gardens" -  Baia Gallery Project -  Catalogue

                     "Friends of Latvia. Georgia” - Catalogue

                        2018 calendar, notepads, greeting cards and gift bags, Project

                               "Artists for peace",  Ministry of Defense of Georgia                

                      Work "Lion" on 100 copy of bottles of wine Mukuzani, 

                                "Georgia Cradle of Wine"

                      "Anton Balanchivadze", Miniature catalog, by "P.G.Miniature"

                       "RIAF 2016" Rotterdam Int. AF - Catalogue 

                      "Tbilisi Art 8+7" - Catalogue 

                      "A'DAM INT'L AF" - Catalogue 

                      "GAG" - Catalogue 

                      "The New Generation In Contemporary Georgian Art" - Catalogue 

                      "Gallery +" - Catalogue 

                      "Malerei Aus georgien" - Catalogue 

                      "Fest i Nova" - Catalogue 

                      "2nd International Conference On The Organic Sector Development In 

                       Central/Eastern European and Central Asian Countries" ,  Postcards, Publications         

                        Magazines, Newspapers, Posters, Postcards




                     WORKS ARE KEPT IN  


                      Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

                      Tbilisi History Museum “Karvasla”

                      Elene Akhvlediani Gallery of Young Artists

                     “Art Villa Garikula”, Garikula

                      Gallery " Christine Colas", Paris

                      "Baia Gallery", Tbilisi




                          PRIVATE COLLECTIONS IN :


                      Georgia; Russia; Germany; the Netherlands;  Japan; USA; Greece; Hungary; England; Estonia; Switzerland ; Israel;

                      Czech Republic, Turkey,  Austria