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Short Film "mystery of the Chest"    

Based on the Old Legend

Was shot on in the "Persian Halls" of the Tbilisi State Academy Of Art



Synopsis The Short Movie "Mystery Of The Chest"  


Mystery of the Chest

("სკივრის საიდუმლოება" - In Georgian)


It is windy. A young boy in an open field meets some mounted knights returning from battle. One of them gives the boy a gift of a toy and tells him that it used to belong to the king. 


The action move on to 30 years later...


The Emperor returns form a long journey. The Vizier greets him with the news that the Queen is not faithful to him and there is someone in her bedroom. The Emperor find this hard to believe, but he still goes to the Queen's room alone. When he approaches her bedroom, he sees a reflection in a mirror of his wife hastily locking a large chest. There is no one else in the room.


The Emperor enter the Queen's bedroom and sternly demands the key from her. The queen realizes that the Vizier is accusing her of infidelity and that the Emperor suspects that she is hiding some one in her chest. She inquires how she deserved such distrust. She assures the king that the accusations are groundless and asks him to trust her. The Emperor nevertheless, insists that the the chest be opened. The Queen, outraged, hands the key to the Emperor and tells him that if he, despite everything, wants to find out her secret, what she is hiding in the chest, he can satisfy his curiosity. She leaves the room haughtily. 


The Emperor approaches the chest with key in hand, but he stops and thinks, looks at the chest, then the key... he begins to remember something...


The action goes back to 30 years earlier, to the field, where the young boy is holding the toy given to him by the horseman, examining it closely. Then he looks after the slowly retreating knights and shouts after them: So this means the fortress has fallen? There is no reply. The boy inquires again why they do not answer. Then one of the knights turns around and tells him: Some truths are of use to no one.


We see the face of the boy, where we can recognize the Emperor's features. We skip to the present, where he stands in front of the chest, grown up. He is clapping his hands. His servants enter. The Emperor orders them: bury the chest in the ground... deep! As he leaves the room, he passes his wife. She stares at her husband with her eyes full of surprise and pride.




We see a field... trees...

we hear the words carried by the wind: Some truths are of use to no one.

The knights gradually vanish beyond the horizon.

The Language  used in Film was specially created for this project by Anton Balanchivadze