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Houses at the Edge -                                    50x60 Mixed Media on Canvas 

"The color range of he's paintings is exquisite, permeated with vibrations of color and light" 

                                                                                                         Art Curator  Rose Marie Bellemur 

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The works of Anton Balanchivadze can be called "inspiring art" because of its diversity.

He divides space into two parts and says both about the infinity of the world and about its imaginary universe, where characters of works are not only actors but also spectators of themselves.

Thus, the artist appears before us as the creator of a new reality, he seems to be playing in real life. His transparent, translucent smears tell us about the nature of the artist, they show us their creator.

He has the ability to see beauty in simplicity. The choice of themes and compositions reveals a kind of personal, original view of the universe.

We have the honor to present in our gallery a high-class artist - 

Anton Balanchivadze


Artistic Curator  

Rose Marie Bellemur


"Sinharaja. Androsak" - Photo from Studio. Tbilisi 



...                                      17 x 21 Mixed Media on Canvas 


photos / Old exhibitions 

Anton Balanchivadze's Studio                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                               Baia Gallery 2018 


Contemporary Georgian Artist  &

 Modern Georgian Artist